Latest News

Latest News

A Hard Day's Work Deserves a Fair Day's Pay

1st June 2022

Together, the Living Wage movement has put over £1 billion back into the pockets of low paid workers.

The Real Living Wage is the only rate independently calculated annually, based on the real cost of living.

We look after our staff as they look after our business. It’s as simple as that. So we’re delighted to join the #livingwageuk movement.

Announcing Our Partnership with ClimatePartner

20th May 2022

We are excited to announce we are collaborating with ClimatePartner to measure our corporate carbon footprint across all our locations. This will begin our journey towards our target of being carbon neutral by 2025 and will allow us to understand where our carbon hotspots are, so that we can set an impactful reduction plan.

Climate change is an ever-increasing, urgent issue. Whilst we have already started to make positive change, including the implementation of electric vehicles and eradicating single-use plastics from our range, we are excited to be taking our first steps towards measuring our carbon footprint to further benefit our planet.

Supporting Working with Disadvantaged People

3rd May 2022

We’re proud to have been awarded the Disability Confident Committed standard, proving our support in the ethos of working with disadvantaged people. This is based on our commitment to:

  • Provide inclusive and accessible recruitment
  • Communicate vacancies
  • Offer an interview to disabled people
  • Provide reasonable adjustments
  • Support existing employees

Job vacancies can be found here. To find out more about employee rewards and benefits contact

Devon and Oxford Depots Awarded Highest BRCGS Grade

19th April 2022

We’re delighted that both our Oxford and Devon depots have retained the highest standard of an AA Grade from our recent BRCGS audit.

This award recognises both service and quality within the foodservice industry, which offers assurance and confidence to our customers.

What does this mean?

  • Food safety assurance and credibility of Supplier are two of the most important factors for any Food business. Without these, establishments put their entire business, reputation, and potentially consumer welfare at risk.
  • BRGCS is designed as a ‘total quality management’ program which includes both food safety and quality requirements and is thoroughly evaluated against accepted national and international industry standards by a competent third body. These requirements must be met in order to be certified.
  • In practice, holding the BRCGS certification demonstrates that Savona Foodservice operate a structured, comprehensive, and effective food safety program, and convey the quality assurance standards customers require.

We’re incredibly proud of the hard work put in each and every day to secure this honour, despite the challenges faced – well done #teamSavona!

Annual Exhibition - Show of the Year!

17th March 2022

Our first exhibition since 2019 took place on Tuesday 15th March 2022 at Sandy Park in Exeter. We’re proud to say it has been hailed as our best yet – an inspirational day for customers, suppliers and our Oxford, South West and London teams…

“This is the best exhibition I’ve attended in years!”
Mark Fowler, Lush Restuarant

“Great to be part of a great show yesterday and always a pleasure working with the Savona family.”
Dione Beecham, McCain

“What a
show!! Such a great buzz yesterday, lots of customers, and lots of happy
suppliers with great leads and good orders.”

Michael Organ, Savona Foodservice

Over 80 brands showcased new and traditional products and offered exclusive deals, plus chef demonstrations and product sampling offered inspiration for the year ahead. 

We’re also delighted that many have commented how valuable the day was in terms of building relationships between suppliers, customers and staff, enabling great working relationships moving forward.

Join us for another busy show on Tuesday 28th February 2023, again at Sandy Park, Exeter!

Savona's Own Brand, Country Range, Eliminates 57 Tonnes of Non-Recyclable Black Materials Per Year

21st February 2022

The Country Range Group has announced that at the end of 2021, all non-recyclable black packaging material was successfully removed from the production of new Country Range products.

While some products with longer shelf-life will still have the old packaging until stocks run out, it is already estimated that a minimum of 57 tonnes of non-recyclable black packaging materials will be eliminated from the Group’s supply chain each year (based on 2019 figures). 

Moya Parrington, Country Range Group Quality & Compliance Manager, said:

“It’s been a huge amount of work and it’s really only the beginning but we’re delighted to have eradicated all non-recyclable black packaging material from the Country Range portfolio. It’s been an extremely rewarding project for everyone associated with the Group and highlights that if we all work together, we can make a real and big difference.”

“We began a process of critically assessing each Country Range product. Instead of just concentrating on one area of sustainability, a full 360°-review of each product was conducted, and every launch was examined to provide us with clear goals. This is only the beginning as we continue to assess, test and develop new solutions to help us improve further, reduce our footprint and also encourage manufacturers, suppliers and brands to follow our lead.” 

Martin Ward, Commercial Director, said:

“In line with the Country Range Group’s passion for continual improvement, the Group created the Quality Manager role in 2017, this means every product in the 800-plus Country Range portfolio is systematically and robustly assessed from a sustainable standpoint. This includes evaluating all packaging, production methods, ingredients, sourcing, and supply chains to ensure everything is being done to make each product as green as possible, while guaranteeing the same high-quality product.” 

With non-recyclable black packaging materials now disposed of, the Group is also switching products from white cardboard to brown cardboard to further reduce their footprint and improving the recycled content of its plastic packaging.

Natasha's Law Webinar

8th September 2021

From October 2021, the way food businesses provide allergen labelling information for Prepacked for Direct Sale (PPDS) changed. Foods need to have a label with a full ingredients list with allergenic ingredients emphasised within it.  This has come into force under Natasha’s Law, a new food labelling legislation.

These changes apply to businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

If you need an update on why the change is happening, what impact it will have on caterers and what support is available to manage and adapt to this change in legislation, you can watch a recording of the Country Range webinar here.

Click image to watch the video
'Track My Order' Launched - a First in UK Foodservice

1st July 2021

We’re proud to announce the launch of ‘Track My Order’ – a first in UK foodservice!

This is yet another leap forward in providing our customers with an outstanding, frictionless experience through digital innovation.

Customers will be kept up to date on the progress of their order, as they receive notifications at each stage of the process:

  •  Order acknowledgement
  • Assembly
  • Despatch
  • Delivery confirmation

Watch the video to learn more. Want to find out more? Email

Effortless convenience for the caterer, re-imagined.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

22nd March 2021

With hospitality reactivating and the impending busy period ahead, now is the time to look at your social media marketing efforts and understand just how powerful it can be in putting your business in front of your potential customers.

Social media consumption and engagement is up! People are currently at home awaiting the new normal, so in the countdown to reopening get your business in front of your existing and potential customers.

Understand the basics – why use social media?
Why wouldn’t you?! There are over a billion users daily on Facebook alone – who are sharing, liking and commenting on all types of content. Social media can become very time consuming. Firstly, really get to know your target audience. What platforms they use and what content they like. Rather than spreading your marketing efforts too thinly, pick one or two platforms and do those really well – quality over quantity.

Build trust with your followers
With people returning to eating and drinking out, they want to be assured that you are committed to safety, cleanliness and also how conscience you are from a sustainability and eco-friendly perspective. This is the perfect time to highlight the hygiene, health and safety protocols you have in place. Whether you’re ordering produce from local suppliers or wholesalers, using eco-friendly packaging for your take-aways, or you have removed single use plastic from your business, then shout about it! It’s something you should be proud of.

User Generated Content provides social proof
Think about how, as customers start to return to your establishment, they can become your advocates and in turn drive even greater footfall. Encourage your customers to share their experience. Clearly promote your social media channels, use related #’s  and ask your customers to post, share or tag you in their photos and overall experience. Competitions are also a great way to encourage your followers to share your business across their social platforms, and in turn put your business in front of a new audience. It’s a win, win!

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Product Shelf Life Extension

11th February 2021

With the ever-changing demand, we have been working hard to manage our stock to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Part of this has been to work with our suppliers to gain shelf life extensions on products. Click to read our communication outlining the steps we have taken to extend the shelf life on a number of products: Product Shelf Life Extension